Erectile Dysfunction can now be treated anonymously

Due to the fact that a lot of men are suffering from erectile dysfunction and they are too shy to come out with their condition, a new start-up has been created to deliver Viagra and other sexual performance-boosting drugs to people’s doorsteps. So, you can now order Viagra confidentially now.

The start-up does not only deliver drugs, it also handles online diagnosis. So, you can now seek solution to your sexual problems online. This is a welcome development because over 30 million men are suffering from the condition and a good number of them are too shy to see a doctor face-to-face on it.

What led to the start-up is that its 26 year-old founder also had the issue. Nothing teaches better than personal experience. No doctor or physician understands erectile dysfunction more than the one that has encountered it before. So, it will interest you to know that the founder of the startup also had the condition too. He discovered it when he was 17.

He is lucky that his father is a physician so he was able to open up to his father. Unfortunately for him, the root of his condition was a serious heart disease. With the help of his father, both conditions were treated. Now, he established the startup to provide the same help to other men suffering from the condition. The condition is not as bad as the embarrassment attached to it. So, a lot of patients are reluctant to see a doctor. They will rather suffer in silence.

Due to the privacy involved, it is believed that a lot of patients of erectile dysfunction will consider this treatment option. This is how it works.

  • A patient will fill a 5-minute online questionnaire about his medical history
  • A U.S licensed physician will review the treatment request and write a prescription
  • Roman Pharmacy Network, the new startup, will ship the drugs (Levitra, Cialis, Viagra, and others) to the patient for free. Automatic refills will also be setup.

You may think the service will cost a fortune. Well, contrary to your thought, the service costs only $15. A good reason to tackle your erectile dysfunction as quickly as possible is that it is usually a sign of other serious conditions. For instance, erectile dysfunction could be a sign of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, serious heart disease, and even diabetes.

According to American Urological Association, most men that suffer from ED do not seek treatment. So, the founder of this startup hopes that the confidentiality around the treatment will encourage more men to seek treatment.

Patients of ED will no longer have to wait until the condition gets worse or leads to another ailment before they seek help. Another issue with ED is that a lot of men bypass doctors to order medication online. It is not that they intend to bypass doctors but they do it because bypassing doctors gives them the privacy they want. Unfortunately, this is another dangerous trend as Pfizer found out that about 80 percent of Viagra sold online is counterfeit.

With this new startup, men will no longer bypass doctors, since they can talk to a physician anonymously. The startup gets its supply of drugs from accredited manufacturers to avoid the issue of counterfeit drugs. While the initiative is meant for men that are 25 to 45 years old, older men can take advantage of it too.

It is quite heartwarming to hear that the company has been successful so far. It was launched in October, 2017 and has raised up to $3.1 million funds so far. Although its head office is in New York City, it has a presence in 17 states and still counting. According to the founder of Roman Pharmacy Network, the organization hopes to treat more conditions in future.