The Ultimate 4 Differences Between Tadalafil and Sildenafil

Also known as impotence, Erectile Dysfunction is highly characterized by the inability to maintain a long-lasting erection during sexual activities. In most cases, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a sign of stress, emotional difficulties, and health problems that call for ultimate treatment. Additionally, anxiety, obesity, and hypertension have also been high linked with ED.

The blood flow is directly stimulated by sexual thoughts. However, reduced interest in sex, difficulty in maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse, and trouble getting an erection causes impotence, an embarrassing condition that affects men.

Depending on your sexual problems, your medical practitioner may prescribe ED’s treating pills such as Viagra and Cialis. This is why it’s of utmost importance to note the underlying differences between the best-known treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

Some medical complications, side effects, and drug response vary from man to man. If you find yourself in a dilemma, struggling to decide the ED treatment to take, you can always go for the ultimate differences between the two top-ranked drugs. Here are four fundamental differences between Viagra and Cialis medication.

1. The strength factor

Men with impotence prefer ED treatment drugs that provide a long-lasting erection and successful sexual activities. Apparently, an effective impotence treatment pill should offer more than 4 hours after being administered in the body.

Not every man with ED is well prepared for the side effects and complications that arise after taking both Viagra and Cialis. The underlying truth is, men with impotence go uninformed on the brand to work with. Apparently, no perfect definition or argument summarizes on the working capabilities between drug Viagra and Cialis.

Most of the men taking Erectile Dysfunction treatment drugs have illustrated different reviews on the performance of the drug, with no perfect or definitive answer on which drugs offers the highest level of effectiveness.

The overall performance matters a lot. Consult with your doctor about the various ED medications available, such as Cialis and Viagra, to determine the drug that delivers consistent results. To unravel the real meaning of performance, you need to have patience and a fair amount of your time.

2. The ultimate price

Nowadays, you don’t have to struggle to visit over-the-counter pharmacies for ED treatment pills. Currently, a series of online pharmacies are offering top-performing drugs at considerate and affordable prices. However, you need to have doctor’s prescription to purchase medicines online.

Subscribing to ED medications may add a burden to your monthly financial costs. Unfortunately, you need the treatment to boost your sexual activity performance. The price of pills depends on both the strength and performance of the purchased drug.

On a rough estimate, Viagra medication sells at $24 per pill whereas Cialis trades at $28 per pill. The price of both drugs is slightly the same. To cut down on the total cost of ED treatment medications, you can go for a prescription card and save a lot of cash in the long run.

3. Consistency

Erectile Dysfunction treatment drugs such as Viagra and Cialis are commonly known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Have you ever wondered how these drugs to boost your performance in bed? To have a consistent and working relationship, you need to perform well in bed. Viagra works to relax the penis muscles to encourage a long-lasting (consistent) erection.

The fact that PDE-5 inhibitors boost the nitric oxide in your system doesn’t mean that the drugs render the same effects. The time at which the drug remains in your bloodstream is highly determined by the drug administered. Here’s the underlying fact: The best Erectile Dysfunction treatment drug should remain in your bloodstream for more than four hours.

Before deciding on the best ED treatment medication to purchase, check on active reviews regarding how the drug performs. For a clear overview and detailed analysis of the consistency and performance between drug Viagra and Cialis, visit the National Library of Medicine’s official website.

4. Side Effects

When it comes to topics regarding genital parts, men are always concerned and sensitive. Whenever you talk of medical problems, side effects, and complications that results after taking ED medication, expect men to be all yours and attentive. Always consider reading up on the side effects to be expected after taking either Cialis or Viagra.

A headache, nausea, upset stomach, and runny nose are the primary side effects that result once you take ED medication. Additionally, some of the end-users experience an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours.

Men who take Viagra reports different side effects as compared to those who take Cialis medication. For instance, men who take Cialis medication are likely to report muscle pain and back pain than men who are only on Viagra pills.

How many set variants exist between Cialis and Viagra medication? Only extensive experimentation with both Viagra and Cialis can give you a clear and definite answer on the right pills to take. Consider consulting your doctor for further advice on the right medication to settle with.


Viagra and Cialis are the two top-ranked and renowned medications to treat Erectile Dysfunction. To adequately address your impotence problem, you need to have proper consultation and discussions with your medical expert. Don’t let impotence ruin your relationship. Make the right choice by purchasing ED medication prescribed for you.

ED medications are solely manufactured to perform a common goal; improved bed performance. To find the best ED drug that is right for you, try outsourcing the crucial differences such as strength, consistency, price, and side effects.